help me start my car (megasquirt)

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help me start my car (megasquirt)

Post by e30BAH » Fri Oct 15, 2010 5:13 pm

hi guys..
i've ben reading and reseaching for a while now trying to find out every thing i need to know to start my car.
i bought a megasquirt from a locall guy with a prebuilt wiring harness, and the problem is i have no Experience when it comes to wiring and electronics. the good thing is it's a 3.57 so i dont have to wire anything to the ECU
after alot of reading and thanks to whodwho at e30tech. i finally flashed the ECU with a new firmware (ms2 extra 2.1.0) and got it running :mrgreen: .

here is my setup:

885 i head with a minor porting and welded chanells
stock HG with 0-ring
2.7 crank and con. roads
modified i pistons
i didn't do a compretion test but i'm planning to do it sometime

Fuel and ignition + control...
megasquirt v3.57
AEM wideband
wasted spark (i think GM coils)
RC injectors 750cc low impedance

now i want to know what to do next
i need all basic tables and all the setting for fule and ignition i should change
i have no idea where to start.

i also need the setting for the ignition and wasted spark.

after calibrating my OEM coolant temp. and the TPS i got these readings
-coolant temp 82c ( there is no coolant in the engine, i dont know if this will effect it )
-manifold air temp. 30c (i'm using a GM sensor) it's somthing near 29 outside so i'll guess it's reading right
-engine map is what i'm consirned about, it's reading between 68.2\68.4 and i understant that it should be between 90 and 100 (correct me if i'm wrong)

i dont know what is right and what is wrong. u tell me :?
i'm gonna need all the help i can get so please help me fire my engine
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Re: help me start my car (megasquirt)

Post by Yoshi » Fri Oct 15, 2010 5:48 pm

Unfortunately, my knowledge of MS2 is fairly limited. So I can only give you so much info.

What are your TPS readings?

Your coolant temp sensor should read about the same as your air temp sensor with or without coolant in the engine. So it has been calibrated wrong. IMO find the MS for dummies thread on here and order the GM sensor. It needs no calibration and just plain works. I've never been able to calibrate the coolant temp sensor properly.

As for your settings, I recommend finding someone else with an MS2 wasted spark M20 (any liter is fine) and using those starter settings. Don't grab full MSQs, grab the actual values. MSQs tend to corrupt when moving from one MS unit to another since small variations in firmware fuck shit up. IE get someone to give you screen captures of every setting.

Load in a generic M20 spark/fuel map from the tech map library. As close as you can get to your car the better. Regardless, once your car starts and idles, you should take it to a tuner. The only other things you can do is warm up enrichments and probably accel and hot start numbers.
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Re: help me start my car (megasquirt)

Post by e30BAH » Fri Oct 15, 2010 7:40 pm

my TPS is reading 0 and at WOT 100 but the strange thing is when i push the throttle to the end without the kick down botton (yeah it was autto and i swapped it to manuall tranny) it hits something near 70 and then when i push the kick down it hits the 100!!

i dont know if this is normal or not but it seems to me it's the way it should be.

about the coolant temp, the guy i bought the unit from had the OEM sensor and i believe it's ben done before so i'm going for it. though i have a quastions about that,,, if i want to use the GM sensor is there any wiring changes required for it ? and do i replace it with the OEM or Just there's anothor way to do it?

i had the chance to read the megasquirt for dummies befor and i saw the explanation about the coolant temp but i didn't understand it. and i dont think ur settings will help me with my setup :wink:

i will copy this thread to e30tech and i might get lucky to find some one who have the same setup
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