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seta to i

Post by dsc201knoc » Mon Jul 11, 2011 11:24 pm

I have been reading a lot of posts about the eta to i swap and some for the seta to i swap, but it is full of "i think this and maybe that", "I know this guy who has a friend that did this."

I would like to keep this post with straight facts. Part numbers and real info.. As more real information comes in i will update this post to reflect actual information. This information reflects the seta model only, production date 09/1987 and newer.

I started scrubbing the parts list and so far this is what i have come up with.

Parts that are different from e to i:

01 Camshaft 11311716138
18 Valve Spring 11341706584
01 Intake Manifold 11611289210 (Purchased)
05 Connection Flange 11611708858
01 Throttle Housing Assy 13541716065 (Purchased)
27 Gasket Asbestos Free 13541289576


1. e30 cylinder head: 325i and 325e (seta, from production month 09/1987) - all parts identical


2. e30 valve timing gear/camshaft: 325i and 325e -

A. 325i - 01 Camshaft 11311716138
325e - 01 Camshaft 11311720670

B. 325i - 18 Valve Spring 11341706584
325e - 18 (Does not exist on seta motor)

C. All other parts are identical in this section


3. e30 intake manifold system: 325i and 325e -

A. 325i - 01 Intake Manifold 11611289210
325e - 01 Intake Manifold 11611713046

B. 325i - 05 Connection Flange 11611708858
325e - 05 Connection Flange 11611285398

C. In this block many of the part numbers are bolts and studs and brackets that all appear the same,
however, many of the e part numbers do not appear on the i parts list. Known identical parts are
2, 3, 16, 17, 18.


4. e30 Throttle Housing Assy 325i and 325e -

A. 325i - 01 Throttle Housing Assy 13541716065
01 Throttle Housing Assy Eh 13541716066
325e - 01 Throttle Housing Assy 13541716061
01 Throttle Housing Assy Eh 13541716062

B. 325i - 27 Gasket Asbestos Free 13541289576
325e - 27 Gasket Asbestos Free 13541271457

C. Part numbers 8, 10, 13, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 are exact matches. The other
part numbers are not identified on the seta parts list


5. e30 Timing and Valve Train Tooth Belt: 325i and 325e - All Parts Identical


6. e30 Engine Block: 325i and 325e -

A. Note: It makes sense the engine block part number is different because the when you purchase the engine
block it says it comes with pistons; therefore the block part number being different is irreverent.

B. All other parts are identical

Well its tomorrow so i added new info. Some of the information i am looking for is exact side by side comparisons of the items (IE: what is the exact difference between the 2 intake manifolds) I was looking at the rest of the air intake and the systems have completely different part numbers, however the set up on my car looks like the diagram for the i so this is where we see what parts have different part numbers but work exactly the same.

The above reference plays hand in hand with the 135i brake calipers have different part numbers then the BMW Performance calipers because they are painted a different color.

Please Please Please, keep the info to exact known information backed by photos or videos with functioning items working together to eliminate the need to replace unnecessary parts with this conversion.
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