Adjusting Koni SA rear shocks.

Springs and shocks. What keeps your car tight around corners?
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Adjusting Koni SA rear shocks.

Postby Nsquared97 » Mon Nov 12, 2012 5:42 am

Figured I would do a write-up on this because it is a question that get's asked pretty frequently.

So first step is to remove the shock from the car. Just undo the 2 13mm strut mount nuts in the trunk, and the 19mm bolt that attaches the bottom of the strut to the knuckle. Once you have the shock out, take the strut mount off. Then you should be left with this:
Just a plain ole' shock. Now, we need to remove the bump stop. If you look at the top of the shock, you should see 2 holes. These can be seen here:
You want to poke something through those holes to get the bumpstop out. I used an old metal coat hanger:
The bump stop will look something like this:
Pull it out, may be a good idea to clean it off. Now we can adjust the shock. With the shock fully extended, you will be able to see these 2 holes, also a good idea to clean them out.
What happens is when you compress the shock all the way down now, without the bumpstop in the way, those holes will engage the adjustment mechanism. So, compress your shock all the way, and begin to twist it slowly. You will be able to feel when you have engaged the adjuster. Once the adjuster is engaged, clockwise is softer, counterclockwise is firmer. I would suggest turning them to full soft, then count your rotations so you know exactly where you have the shock set it. The adjuster will stop at both full soft and full firm, so you don't have to worry about turning too far. On mine, there was about 1.75 turns from full soft to full firm.

Once you have them set where you want, put the bump stop back in, put the strut mount back on, and re-install the shock back into the car, and your set to go!

A couple of notes on this:
*The adjustment on Koni single adjustables is only for rebound, it does not adjust compression stiffness.
*TC Kline does sell Koni rears with the external knob adjustment for E30's, meaning you just have to turn a knob and not have to remove the shock to adjust it.
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Re: Adjusting Koni SA rear shocks.

Postby M20_fever » Mon Nov 12, 2012 2:40 pm

good info, sticky.
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