Custome Enkei wheels (input needed!)

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Custome Enkei wheels (input needed!)

Post by madmaverick » Tue Jan 19, 2010 5:55 pm


My friend Nick D'Alessio at Elite JDM is an authorized Enkei dealer located in Philly. He has been in talks with his rep trying to get more aggressive sizes in their performace line of wheels and wants input from the drift/tuner community. Since I feel E30 guys are not well represented on this front, I figured I would post this here:
I have an idea of what people want but I would like everyones input on this...

Please answer these questions in your reply!

1.) Styles that enkei already has in their line that you like
2.) Sizes and offsets that ytou would like (front and rear)
3.) Colors preference

I might also be able to get special Club Loose Pricing for the drivers, but we might need to make a group buy.
I figured this might be a good time since we have a few months before the season starts which would give people some time to put some money aside so you can rock some new kicks for the 2010 season!!

Input is appreciated!

Check out their wheel line at

Post here and I will relay or register on to and post yourself!
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