MVRK - DIY - Keyless Entry System for $25 and 30 minutes wor

Why do I have to unlock my doors through my trunk?
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Re: MVRK - DIY - Keyless Entry System for $25 and 30 minutes

Post by Yoshi » Wed Jun 05, 2013 12:12 am

ok so... I got it to work in a weird way. First off, if I accidentally touch the two wires for the lock/unlock (green/purple and green/black). the car locks... wtf?

So I think I fried something for the original wire to the central locking module. It turns out, there's 2 sets of wires for the CLU (Central locking unit). The first set is for the doors. The second set is specifically for the trunk. I have absolutely no idea why. So, I just took the green/purple wire and wired it into the green/blue wire for the door unlock. Problem solved. For some reason, the wires pull about 10mv with nothing going to it but I guess that's ok?

Wonder why the CLU shat that one wire. The board looked fine.
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