MVRK - DIY - Electric Fan Conversion

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Re: MVRK - DIY - Electric Fan Conversion

Post by mvrk10256 » Sat Dec 10, 2011 7:11 am

Rick wrote:Was curious so calced it. Probably 12-15 amps. lets say 15.
It takes roughly 2/3 hp from the engine via the alternator to run the fan. Not much :)

Where did you get yours?

I was ordering a bunch of stuff from BimmerWorld a tthe time and they had a deal on actual Spal fans. I also got the brackets and isntall kit. the install kit is worth every dollar for the wiring harness and relay, but the brackets are not that great. I know Massive sells a bracket set but the only good bit of the stock mounts is that they can unclip the fan without removeing them from the radiator.

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