Making a video game. Wanna test?

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Making a video game. Wanna test?

Post by Yoshi » Thu Sep 29, 2011 6:20 pm

Original post:
So this is by no means anywhere close to a real game yet. I have done this a bunch of times in the past and never gotten this far.

The game:
2D top down drifting game
Multiplayer or single
Dunno where it will go yet.

How you can get the "game":
This game is made with XNA so it's windows specific. You will need the XNA 4.0 redist package to play the game ... x?id=20914

The client version is here

Arrows move around
Left Control == clutch kick
Space bar == ebrake
Escape == quit

How you can help me:
Getting the game to run on your system isn't my concern. If it doesn't run, either it never will or you installed XNA wrong. lulz. What I need is for people to test the multiplayer functionality to see if it works and how laggy it is. As this is VERY basic, there should be little to no lag.

So, launch "Over Drift Launcher.exe" Click the "multiplayer" check box. Copy and paste the current directory you are in and add the executable to the left most box. It should look like this "C:\Over Drift\Over Drift.exe" To test if you made this text box right, you can uncheck the multiplayer box and the game should play.

In the box that says "", replace that with "". Leave the last text box alone. Click play! If it loads the game it works! I'm trying to see how many people we can get on at the same time so let me know so I can coordinate. Theoretically, 200 is our max.

Remember, this is VERY preliminary.
Done a fair amount of work since the last release. Collision detection is done but collision response isn't. I kind of updated multiplayer but for now go back to single until I get all that sorted out.

New things:
you are now in the center of the screen at all times.
Loads a map of an actual track
Frontal collision seems to work
Status: HG repair. 488wtq though!
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