planning for next season...more grip, more power.

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Re: planning for next season...more grip, more power.

Post by M20_fever » Fri Sep 14, 2012 7:36 pm

seat time is always good. I'll seriously have store the car between races to keep from tinkering though.
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Re: planning for next season...more grip, more power.

Post by Nsquared97 » Sat Sep 15, 2012 3:40 am

blasphemy101 wrote:Then again, I do like the idea of a "one variable" at a time. That's why my car still has the crummy, smelly interior. I plan to strip it, but I want to experience each change I make to the car.
Completely agree with this. Which is why, like Tony, it will kinda suck when I move up a class. On one hand, I should just throw a bunch of parts at the car at once to be competitive in that class right away. But on the other, I do want to see what changes each mod brings. Although what I just realized is that doing it one at a time will also help with figuring out how to tune various settings, so maybe I should do it that way.
blasphemy101 wrote:Staying in your current class would give you a whole season to get to driving at your peak with all your newfound grip.
That's something I thought of earlier, seat time is always a great thing. And not changing much allows you to really hone on on what you may be doing wrong as a driver, or what you can improve on.
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